Why a Luxury Hotel Brand Cares About Providing a Unique Fitness Experience for Guests

Alternative forms of workouts have become very popular in the past couple of years, whether it be spin classes, CrossFit or Spartan training. The latter has become so popularized that the routines focused on testing peoples’ limits on strength and endurance have begun to become a feature within highly desired hotels.

The first hotel to incorporate a Spartan Gym was the 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach. It built a 14,000 square foot indoor space that blends the famous Spartan Race, a leader in the sport of obstacle racing, with the wellness-focused luxury hotel brand. Certified Spartan trainers lead the workouts that are performed in close proximity to a Spartan yoga deck, private beach and many of the hotel’s expansive pool decks.

I recently spoke with Christianne Phillips, Director of Mind & Movement at 1 Hotel South Beach to get a better idea of why the prominent hotel brand chose to focus on building a unique one-of-a-kind gym on its property and what the deal terms entail.

Why was it important to be the first Spartan Gym?

Phillips: It was important and revolutionary really, to be able to open a unique ground-breaking facility that is not available anywhere else in the world. Similarly, like the 1 Hotel Brand that forged a new kind of luxurious eco-conscious hospitality, Spartan Gym offers a unique approach to travel fitness that is only available at 1 Hotel South Beach.

How did the deal between 1 Hotel and Spartan Races come together?

Phillips: The Sternlicht family found a passion in participating at Spartan Races and approached CEO and co-founder Joe DeSena about the idea of introducing the first Spartan Gym, the rest is history.

What tangible results has 1 Hotel seen thus far based on the relationship?

Phillips: We consistently see guests return to 1 Hotel South Beach because of the gym and having the ability to properly train for a future Spartan Races with trained professionals. 

Is there any exclusivity for 1 Hotel?

Phillips: Being that 1 Hotel South Beach is the only property to date that has a Spartan Gym, South Florida guests have the luxury to utilize a facility that cannot be found anywhere else.

Are there plans to introduce the concept to more of the hotels?

Phillips: As of today, there are no plans set to introduce Spartan Gym to additional properties, but we are not counting out the possibility of it happening in the future.

Is there a way to connect an increase in revenues to the addition of the gym?

Phillips: We have many guests who are not only Spartan Race fans but find the gym an experience on its own, and they end up re-booking. The popularity of our gym has rapidly increased since we opened last year and because of the consistent flow of foot traffic throughout, we will soon be launching a unique wellness package that incorporates Spartan Gym.

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