Avoid Being Seduced by this Common Mistake: How to Attack Your Way to Your Next Win

Most people respond to winning or success by taking their foot off the gas. The extremely successful respond to success by pushing even harder. Greatness comes from this attack mentality, and you can train yourself to develop it. 

The greats have learned to use success, rather than be seduced by it. The seduction of success refers to the tendency for people to be lured into less action when they experience success. It’s the old phenomena of “it worked so well I stopped doing it.” The best time to move to the next level is when you have the momentum of success in your favor. 

A professional golfer I worked with was a great demonstration of the attack mentality in the midst of continued success. This young man was quickly becoming a rising star on the PGA tour. He was relentless about getting his strict training regiment done daily, and he was consistently having “significant money finishes.” Rather than laying low and taking it easy after he played well, he made a commitment to himself to train an extra 10 minutes per day the week following a tournament during which he made the cut. When I asked him about the impact of this extra practice, he said, “It’s actually a little easier for me to do a little more when I’m winning. I’m not as tight, it’s not as much of a grind. It definitely boosts my confidence.”

I have found that when mentally tough people experience success, they determine the number one most important reason for the success, and then they attack just a little bit more on that one thing. When normal people start winning, they have a tendency to attack a little less. This is the number one difference between people who win occasionally and people who win consistently

The next time you find yourself nailing a presentation or bringing in great numbers for the month or having a win as a parent or spouse, ask yourself the following two questions:

  1. What is the number one thing I did that contributed to the win or success?
  2. How can I increase my effort toward that one thing by 10% during the next day?

It doesn’t take much of a push to continue the momentum of the win. Just commit to an extra 10% for one day. Take the opportunity to allow momentum to work in your favor, rather than stopping it in its tracks. 

Most people wait to work harder until they are behind or losing. Think about how little sense this makes. When you are losing, you are already fighting an uphill battle. Remember, the best time to move to the next level is when you are winning. Identify a way to attack even harder after your next win. Do this and you will find that the wins will start to come faster and more consistently. Attack, always attack.

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