The Value of Giving Back to Those Who Can Help Themselves

By Fabrizio Moreira, CEO of The Moreira Organization, LLC.

I love successful entrepreneurs who dedicate time to motivating others. Particularly, author and famed speaker Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) finds ways to break down barriers, build value and deliver results to everyone he meets. But even Babe Ruth swung and missed a few.

In a recent Instagram post, Vaynerchuk shared that he gives back to everyone in his circle whenever he can to positively impact his future growth — building solid relationships and positively impacting his karma. He hopes that the favors will be returned in the future, but he doesn’t get crushed if people don’t come through.

Giving Back Is the Key to Moving Forward

I think that Vaynerchuk is correct when identifying the importance of giving back. As a self-made, successful entrepreneur I totally value building goodwill with those inside and outside your network.

Here’s where I believe he missed one important point of truly selfless giving: Once you reach the top of the mountain or climb a few rungs on the ladder, your time and energy are your most valuable assets. Think of how you focus these assets in the same way you’d value an investment in another company or organization.

Focus on Helping Others Catapult Forward

Successful people do the most good for those around them when they focus the giving of their time and energy on individuals who are willing to help themselves. I don’t invest in people because I think I’m impacting my karma or improving the odds of future favors being given.

Look for individuals who are already striving within their present circumstances. Anyone can promise to do more if they were only given the tools. But the people who are the most successful, long-term, are the ones who take what they’ve been given and hustle 16 hours a day. You will never hear a successful person talk about their situation blocking them from moving forward — but you will one day hear about the difficult journey that helped them redefine their circumstances. Make sure the focus of their words is on action — not obstacles.

I invest in people because I believe that they’ll take my investment and use it to catapult forward in their own life. The last thing I want is for someone to take what I give them and then coast or slip backward. I couldn’t care less whether they help me in the future. The thought doesn’t even cross my mind because that isn’t the point of giving.

If you’re giving to and helping others with the hope that they can help you in the future or that you’ll personally benefit from their success, you aren’t giving. You’re making a calculated business transaction — even if you don’t get upset when the transaction breaks down.

Aim to Work With Self-Starters

My philosophy on helping others, which has deeply enriched my life, is not focused on helping others in order to improve my future. I target my assistance on those who I believe will succeed in their personal lives. My investment in them matures as their personal circumstances improve — which is only possible through their personal responsibility and hard work.

Vaynerchuk is successful because he’s learned the value of letting go. Don’t get upset or sidetracked when someone you’ve helped in the past fails to come through for you. Grudges only serve to distract your focus from the things that can make an actual impact. For example, when an athlete’s family shows up to watch them compete, they aren’t sitting in the stands because they believe they will be able to cash in a future favor. They’re there, cheering the individual on because they know what that person is capable of. They’ve shown up at their practices, invested in coaching and provided tips along the way. They’re cheering from the sidelines because their investment of love and support is manifesting itself in their performance on the field — something that doesn’t directly benefit the people cheering.

We must give back within the same framework. Cheer, support and mentor those who can go further in life thanks to your help. Be a cheerleader. Don’t waste your time on the people who aren’t showing up in their own lives.

When I get up in the morning and prepare to conquer my day, I’m suiting up for all of the people that selflessly helped me conquer my earlier challenges. I honor those people that have made a positive impact on my life. My goal is to give the same encouragement and sense of purpose to those I help. That is far more rewarding than a future favor or “good karma.”

Fabrizio Moreira is the CEO at The Moreira Organization, LLC.

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