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Sullivan Preschool

Preschool and Day Care Center in Sullivan, IL

3-4-5 Year Old Program

Children may be enrolled in a 3-5 year old program any time during the year, provided space is available, and provided the child was 3 years old on or before September 1 of the year of enrollment. Children may be enrolled 2 to 5 days per week.

Two and One-half Hour Preschool

The 2½ hour preschool program is an educational readiness program offered mornings, 9:00-11:30 a.m. The daily schedule for the 2 ½ hour program includes free choice play time, creative art activities, snack, circle time, and gross motor activities either indoors or outdoors.

Children enrolled in the 2½ hour preschool program may arrive at the center no earlier than 10 minutes before class is scheduled to begin, and must be picked up within 10 minutes after the close of the session. Children brought earlier or picked up later will be charged child care fees for the additional time.

Full-Day and Half-Day Preschool

The full-day program for 3 to 5-year-old pre-kindergarten age children consists of an educational readiness preschool program in the morning, lunch, afternoon rest period, and late afternoon play activities. Children may bring a blanket and/or a soft toy from home for rest time. Blankets should be taken home periodically to be laundered. Cots and sheets are provided by the school.

A half-day program is considered to be a maximum of 5 hours in attendance. Parents should keep in mind that our educational readiness preschool program is offered only in the morning. Children may be enrolled for half-days in the afternoon to accommodate the needs of the parent, but will then participate only in nap time and late afternoon play activities.

Sullivan Preschool is a nonprofit preschool and day care center. We offer an educational readiness program and child care for children ages 6 weeks to 10 years old. Tuition assistance is available for qualified families.

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