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Lemn Sissay's Origin Stories

The Archers

Kenneth Branagh, Keeping TV secrets, Josie Lawrence, Parents in film

Living With The Gods

Lines of Communication

Law in Action

The Bottom Line

Foreign Investment in the UK

BBC Inside Science

Climate Change and Health; Moth Snow Storm Feedback; Whale Brain Evolution; Pharoah's Serpent

In Our Time

The World Tonight

Book at Bedtime

The Book of Dust

The Absolutely Radio Show

Today in Parliament

Midnight News

Book of the Week

Anthony Powell: Dancing to the Music of Time

Shipping Forecast

Selection of BBC World Service Programmes

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BBC Radio 4 joins the BBC World Service.

Shipping Forecast

News Briefing

Prayer for the Day

Farming Today

NFU Cymru 2017 Conference, Planning for Post-Brexit Trade, Tagging Skylarks

Tweet of the Day

Paul Evans on the Raven

Desert Island Discs

Living With The Gods

The Power of Song

Woman's Hour

Sex in long-term relationships


How do you find direction in life?

Neil MacGregor explains why an astronaut needed help knowing where he was.

The Citadel

AJ Cronin's groundbreaking novel about life before the NHS.

The Digital Human: Insatiable

Aleks Krotoski asks why we just cannot get enough of what our digital devices dish up.

Natural Histories: Beaver

Beavers are back, but Brett Westwood asks if they can recover their place in our culture.

How the river Ganges was taken to London

The story of an extraordinary journey with the largest silver objects ever produced.

The Reservoir Tapes: Charlotte's Story

Jon McGregor's 15-part short story series set in the Peak District.

Desert Island Discs: Kay Mellor

Kay Mellor, writer and producer, is interviewed by Kirsty Young for Desert Island Discs.

Fright Night

Dramas and programmes to disturb and delight.

Why do we enjoy being frightened?

In this animation Claudia Hammond explains that while we're scared, we're also learning.

Drama – Unmade Movies – Hammer Horror's The Unquenchable Thirst of Dracula

Dracula travels to 1930s India in this celebrated unmade Hammer Horror script.

Seven terrifying ghost stories from Diane Morgan

Diane Morgan introduces the best real-life tales of ghosts from the BBC vaults.

Book at Bedtime – The Omen – Episode 1

Owen Teale reads the novelisation of David Seltzer's academy award-winning horror.

Drama – Jayne Lake

Psychological thriller from the co-creator of Life On Mars, Matthew Graham.

Preview: The Unquenchable Thirst of Dracula

The Rani's (Meera Syal) blood cult awaits a human sacrifice. Narrated by Michael Sheen.

"Look here Damien. It's all for you"

Owen Teale reads a terrifying moment from academy award-winning horror story The Omen.

Radio 4 in Four

Radio 4 in Four’s most popular clips

25 years of the text message

When they were invented, no-one thought texts would take off in the way they did.

How haggis is going international

Macsween’s is a haggis company from Scotland and it's tweaking the recipe.

Tinsel town: the place in Wales which makes 80% of our tinsel

There's more thought that goes into tinsel than you might think.

Advice for expats in Spain

Expats in Spain are feeling uncertain about their future.

Can a robot deliver you therapy via your phone?

An artificially intelligent chatbot designed to treat depression via Facebook messenger.

Tips for a tasty vegan broth

Jay Rayner, Jordan Bourke, Tim Anderson and Andi Oliver discuss vegan broth recipes.

Why flying insects are disappearing

The total biomass of flying insects in the environment has decreased by 75% in 25 years.

A selection of the funniest comedy from Radio 4

When does an obsession become an addiction?

Mae Martin reveals her childhood obsession with Bette Midler got a little out of hand.

Lemn Sissay's Origin Stories – The Dark Side

Lemn examines where he let himself do the wrong thing, and how he has tried to make amends

Seven life lessons learned by Sarah Millican

From her autobiography How to be a Champion.

Andy Hamilton Sort of Remembers – Series 1 – The Human Body

Comedian, writer and hypochondriac Andy Hamilton examines our attitude to the human body.

Ed Reardon's Week – Series 12 – Diabetes Day

It is time for Ed's annual health check.

Tony Law: 21st Century Adventurer

Sitcom. Fearless adventurer Tony Law encounters a lost tribe of Amazonian women.

Children's cartoons (not suitable for children)

Three animated children's stories written by Andy Hamilton, aged five and a bit.

The home of quirky, curious and seriously interesting documentaries.

Seriously. – The Trainspotter's Guide to Dracula

Miles Jupp boards the train to Transylvania on the trail of Count Dracula.

Seriously. – Political Violence in America

Inside the world of the anti-fascists known as 'antifa' and their far-right opponents.

Seven things you need to know about Antifa

What is the leftist movement making headlines?

Seriously. – Lines of Resistance

Poet Bridget Minamore explores how women have created their own literary narratives.

Seriously. – Martin Morales' Peruvian Road Trip

Peruvian-born chef Martin Morales explores the link between food and music in the Andes.

Seriously. – Who's Looking At You?

Novelist Nick Harkaway says we need to talk about surveillance before it is too late.

Seriously. – Dads and Daughters

Lauren Laverne and her dad Les explore the relationship between fathers and daughters.

More features from Radio 4

Podcast of the week: Slow Radio

An antidote to today’s frenzied world. Step back and immerse yourself. From BBC Radio 3.

Fright Night

Dramas and programmes to disturb and delight.

Puzzle for Today

Pit your wits against Today’s puzzle-meisters.

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The home of quirky, curious and seriously interesting documentaries.

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