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Competitive Programming

This is the companion web site for a book: “Competitive Programming 3: The New Lower Bound of Programming Contests” and its two past editions written by myself (Steven Halim – UVa status, Kattis status) and my younger brother (Felix Halim – UVa status) in 2010 – present (2017). This book is used in my course in School of Computing, National University of Singapore: CS3233 – Competitive Programming (2009-present) and available for wider audiences since 2010. This book contains a collection of competitive programming skills gained by solving more than 2 500+ UVa (1999-present) plus Kattis (2015-present) online judge problems.

Major update (Tuesday, 24 October 2017): CP3 is now available in Korean language. If you are Korean, we recommend that you get the Korean version that has been translated over the past 1+ year by lewha0. Here is the publisher link: Insight Book, Korea.

This book contains a collection of relevant data structures, algorithms, and programming tips written for University students who want to be more competitive in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), high school students who are aspiring to be competitive in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), coaches for these competitions, those who love problem solving using computer programs, and those who go for interviews in big IT-companies.

“I cannot imagine a better complement for the UVa Online Judge site.”

Miguel A. Revilla, UVa Online Judge site creator, ACM-ICPC Problem Archivist

“Competitive Programming is a unique resource that I recommend to any student interested in raising their algorithmic programming skills to the next level. It is packed with insightful tips and techniques that are hard to find elsewhere, and remarkably thorough in its use of examples and references to sample problems.”

Brian C. Dean, Associate Director, USA Computing Olympiad

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