Online reading and math enrichment program for kids, K5 Learning

4 programming

4 programming

K5 Learning offers an online reading and math program, workbooks and thousands of free worksheets. We help parents help their kids build reading, math and study skills.

Online program

Our online program begins with an assessment of reading and math skills, followed by interactive online lessons. Students work independently at their skill levels, and parents get reports.

Our online lessons are highly interactive and led by ‘role model characters’.

Each online lesson is accompanied by custom worksheets based on the last completed lesson to provide additional “offline” exploration and practice.

Reading & math workbooks

The K5 Learning bookstore carries a number of reading and math workbooks designed for independent study. Download and print them for immediate use.

Free reading & math worksheets

Choose from thousands of free reading and math worksheets. No registration required. All worksheets are pdf documents for easy printing.

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