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The Different Levels of Running

With the weather getting nicer around the country, people seeking to start a running program and getting motivated to do so. But motivation can quickly turn painful if you do TOO much TOO soon. Below are a few charts for you to build up to a 5K run/walk to a Marathon over the course of several weeks depending on your present ability. My personal rule for clients who request training plans for running for long races is to take your time and build up to nearly 25-30 miles a week before you really start concerning yourself with improving your performance in the long run like a half marathon or marathon. This alone can take anywhere from 10-15 weeks depending upon your present running level. The standard rule of ramping up your running is adding 10-15% of distance per week.

The first TEN weeks are designed for a beginning runner or one who is recovering from an injury as seen in the chart below:

Running Plan I – Build up to a 5K run!

People seeking to start an exercise plan and need to lose 20 lbs:(always start run workout with a quick 5:00 walk / light leg stretch). I highly recommend the RUN / WALK method as you are learning to run.

Each run workout is to be done THREE times a week:

Running Plan II – Intermediate Runners – Build up to a 10K run:

After starting a running plan, often people get injured after continuing past the 3 mile run point. Add some non impact aerobic options in the plan of the week to help alleviate future pains. Check out related running articles here.

The following nine weeks will take you to a level where you can seriously start to train for a 10 miler, half marathon or marathon without risk of serious injury. Just climbing to this level of running could cause tendonitis and other joint pains due to the harshness of running on the body. (FACT – 30-60% of all runners get injured every year – Runner’s World). It is NOT recommended to start Running Plan III until you can perform week six from the Running Plan II.

*Work on speed and goal pace during above workout (minutes/mile).

** ON Tuesday and Friday add in leg workouts with short runs to total a 4 mile workout:

Run 1/4 at goal pace

rest with 10 squats

and 10 lunges / leg

Run 1 mile cooldown / stretch

Run 1/2 mile at goal pace

rest with 20 squats

10 / lunges per leg

Run 1 mile cooldown

Run or bike 5 minutes

Leg press – 10-20 reps

Wood chopper Squats 20

WC Lunges 10/leg

side step squats – 20

Once you have the foundation of running thirty miles per week under your belt, you are now ready to train at your goal mile time and distance for a faster marathon. Usually Saturday and Sunday make the best days for your longer run so Monday and Friday will be off days in order to recover and prepare. The chart below is a 12 week plan for a Marathon:

12 week running plan for better marathon performance – very advanced runners:

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