Shutterstock Celebrates Over 1 Billion Licenses Sold!

It’s celebration day at Shutterstock! The uber popular stock photo giant has reached a milestone worthy of its size: over 1 billion Royalty Free licenses sold along its 14 years of history!

If you were still wondering if Shutterstock would be a good choice for you, the company is also sharing some details on how big they are now, how much they offer to customers, and how many images they sell.

Learn more about them in our Shutterstock review. Want to know more details on this huge milestone, keep reading! And check this great commemorative video below:

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One Billion Royalty Free Licenses in Stock Photos, Videos and Music

Since the launching of their website in 2003, Shutterstock has officially sold over 1 billion Royalty Free licenses. This is an historic milestone that few other agencies have reached, and they are certainly happy to share the news with all their customers.

These sells come from both their website and different API integrations they’ve added in later years. Within the billion licenses are included stock images (which was their first and is still their primary asset), and also stock footage and stock music and audio tracks that were added along the way. This achievement is one effective way to prove how successful and complete Shutterstock’s offer is.

A Titanic Library in an Ever-Evolving Stock Agency

Shutterstock started with a modest collection of images by founder-owner Jon Oringer. So it’s all the more impressive to learn that right now their library has over 210 million images (between commercial and editorial), and 9 million video clips. An exponential growth that surely helped to reach that many sales.

Their huge catalog of content, with variety and optimal technical quality, and their affordable prices, are the main features buyers love in this popular agency. You can learn all about Shutterstock prices right here.

But this is not all the company has to give. Surely the fact they’re constantly expanding their offer to add not only different media formats but also valuable tools and resources for customers: a free online image editor, a mobile app, plugins and add-ons for popular designing tools, etc.

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Stock Photos that Sale like Hotcakes!

If you buy Shutterstock photos, clearly you won’t be alone. Not only they report to have sold over 1 billion licenses, but they also share they’re currently selling an average of 5.5 images per second!

There’s no doubt why they’re one of the leading companies in the stock photo market.

An Exciting Year for Shutterstock

Reaching this extraordinary milestone just at the end of January makes us think 2018 is going to be a great year for Shutterstock, and you can benefit from it big time!

Their huge catalog has such variety and quality to ensure you will find whatever content you need to complete your projects, at very low cost.

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Diverse Stock Photos: Best 10 Agencies with Diverse Content

It is not news that we live in a global community, a melting pot where multiple cultures, ethnicities, life choices, etc. The diversity in our current society is one of the aspects the public praises and better relates to, so it comes as no surprise diverse stock photos are one of the top trends in the market since years (check out our 30 amazing photography trends for 2017, it sure is there!).

Using imagery with an authentic, natural feel in content that represents diversity in all its greatness is a very effective way to achieve compelling visual designs that better connect with your audience or target market (specially millennials and genX’s whom were born in the era of diversity). Diverse stock photos free your potential to communicate with your audience in an accurate, tangible way.

So where to find diverse stock photos with professional quality to use in your designs? Here we have listed the best stock photo agencies offering high quality images with diversity in focus. Check them out!

The 10 Best Agencies to Buy Diverse Stock Photos


PhotocaseA well-established stock photo agency based in Berlin, Photocase is an specialist in authentic and trendy imagery, and they have a large variety in diverse stock photos in a realistic, modern and artistic style.

Photocase’s unique stock photos represent diversity in many different ways. From dedicated photo collections to keyword based results, you will find lots of photos covering human diversity in terms of culture, ethnicity, gender roles, customs, life choices, and beyond. All in premium quality and with a very marked artsy eye.

This agency sells photos on demand, priced according to size. Buying them individually you get them for between $10 and $20 each, but using credit packs you can save a lot of money in the long run.

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One of the web’s biggest and most popular stock photo agencies, Shutterstock has a wide variety of multicultural images in their over 100 files library. Curated into categories, and also found with keywords like “multicultural”, “diversity” and similar terms, you will find lots of photos representing the diverse society of our days.

Of course you will see the typical, “stocky” shots like the circle of hands from ethnically diverse people and the picture perfect interracial family, but they also have a nice selection of more authentic styled images depicting diverse groups of millennials in every day life situations, as well as more specific content on particular cultures and ethnicities.

Shutterstock photos are really cheap, costing as little as $9.16 each when bought on demand, and as low as $0.26 per image with subscription plan.

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The pioneer stock photo agency of the web, iStock is still one of the most popular around, and includes a big selection of images in the topic of cultural diversity. In both their budget-friendly and their exclusive, high end collections, they offer plenty of photos representing multiculturalism and modern takes on global society.

There’s traditional stock photo themes like racially diverse people holding hands and photo collages of ethnically diverse models close ups, mixed up with more trendy shots showing diversity in business, childhood, friendship and family environments.

iStock photos are super affordable, be it on demand with credits or via a subscription. Depending on which collection they are from, you can buy them for as little as $0.44 and $0.26 each, or between $8 and $24 using credit packs.

Sign up for free at iStock to discover their ethnically diverse stock photos! And seize our special iStock Promo Code to save up to 15% in your purchase!

Getty Images

gettyimageslogoOne of the most renowned traditional stock photo agencies in the world, Getty Images has images for pretty much any topic or theme you can imagine, and that includes diversity.

They have dedicated photo collections covering various topics within the diversity umbrella: the Lean In collection for modern women roles, Vanguardians for current business lifestyle, and many other selections where cultural, ethnic, age and gender diverse people are depicted performing every day life tasks.

Getty Images sells photos at a significantly higher price point than the called “microstock” agencies, but they also offer specific usage rights, and all their imagery is premium quality. Rights Managed photos can be anything from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars according to the rights acquired. Under Royalty Free license you can find photos priced by size, starting at $50 and up to $500. With their special Ultrapacks (prepaid downloads) you get these images for a lot less money, saving up to 33% from regular price.

Visit Getty Images today and explore all their wonderful collections! To save in your premium diversity stock photos, use an Ultrapack and save up to 33% in your purchase!

SPS Shop

StockPhotoSecrets-Logo-WhiteOur own StockPhotoSecrets Shop is a stock photo agency designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses looking for awesome, professional imagery at affordable rates that match their budget. As we focus in providing all the right photos to make your business stand out, diverse stock photography could not be absent in our collection. Amongst our 4 Million high quality photos and images, we include a nice selection of culturally diverse stock photos ready to be downloaded and used.

As much within our categories such as People, Lifestyle and Family, or searchable by keywords, you will find lots of HD photos depicting people of all ethnicities, ages and cultural backgrounds, from portraits to every day life situations and scenarios.

Photos at SPS Shop are really cheap, whether you buy them on demand with image packs, or acquire one of our convenient monthly plans. One of the best deals is with our annual, 99club plan. Depending on your chosen purchase model, you can get our multicultural diverse stock photos from $ 7,80 each, down to as little as $0,49 per image. As affordable as it gets!

Discover our diverse stock photos in SPS Shop!


DragonImages is a stock photo production brand and studio owned and managed by Pressfoto Group, a long-established stock photography house and stock photo agency. DragonImages is based in Asia, and focuses strongly in producing Asian-related imagery that accurately represent this region’s ethnicities, culture and customs.

Using Asian models, shooting on Asian locations and covering all kind of topics and themes, DragonImages creates diverse stock photos that bring a modern and local take on Asia, it’s people and it’s landscapes.

Images from their collection are available at Pressfoto agency, as well as in most of the top stock photo agencies in the web: Shutterstock, iStock, Dreamstime, Depositphotos, Fotolia, and more. All these outlets work with very low price points, making DragonImages photos very affordable, sometimes less than $1 each.

Check out DragonImages’ collections!


Fotoarabia is a Qatar-based stock photo agency working in bringing a better and more accurate, modern representation of Middle Eastern culture to the stock photo market. This agency sells regionally specialised photos of all Middle East themes: landscapes, food, traditions, people, etc.

Using regional models on regional locations, they combine the typical stock photo style with some more natural-like shots. They cover a variety of popular topics and themes, from lifestyle and culture to nature and wildlife and all in between.

Fotoarabia sells photos on demand, ranging between $60 and $320 per download according to image size. But they also have image packs to save when buying larger volume of photos.

Discover Fotoarabia Middle Easter imagery!


SnapHubr is a Nigerian based stock photography agency, dedicated to sell and promote high quality imagery that better represents Africa, including its geography, fauna and people. If you’re looking for culturally diverse stock photos, this is the right place to find many representations of African culture.

They offer a large collection of 7 million images, covering all the most popular topics and themes like business, family or technology. They include regionally relevant categories such as festivals, animals, traditional people, and more. All in all, their images have everything you need to accurately portray Africa in a modern and artistic way.

This agency sells images in bulk, in the form of image packs that you can buy on demand. They have options from 1 and up to 300 images, priced depending on intended use. While priced in Nigerian naira (their local currency), these packs are super affordable, translating into costs from $1,10 to $20,90 per image according to intended use and pack size chosen.

Discover SnapHubr and their awesome African stock photos!


Colorstock is a stock photo agency that specialises in images of people of color. Their library is full of ethnically diverse stock photos featuring Black, Asian, Latin and many more ethnic groups of people.

Focusing in lifestyle, they have curated collections around multiple popular themes such as family, love, healthy living, education, etc. Their aesthetics is marked by a certain artistic perspective and authentic, natural-like style, featuring real people in real life situations. Definitely a go-to source when looking for diversity in stock photos.

Colorstock works on demand only, selling photos a la carte for $20 each. This makes them a very affordable option too, and therefore a great way to add diverse people imagery to your work without breaking the bank.

Visit Colorstock to find compelling diverse stock photography!


A young stock photo marketplace looking to bring diversity and modern lifestyle representations to stock photography, TONL has a wide collection of images covering ethnical, cultural and racial diversity, with a strong focus in people of color.

Grouped in seven main categories and also searchable by keywords, you will find all kinds of photos depicting people in every imaginable aspect of life, all with an artsy and modern aesthetics that looks to better represent diversity. Portraits, couples and group photos populate this cool and very diverse collection of images.

TONL sells photos a la carte for $20 each, and they have several low-volume monthly subscription options that let you save significant amounts of money, from 15 downloads for $29 up to 75 images for $105. A great way to get diverse stock photos without spending much, even if you only need a few images per month.

Discover TONL awesome photo collections here!


Shestock is a stock photo collection focused in women. Moreover, it’s also sourced from female photographers. The photos represent a current and diverse look at women today, covering their various roles and depicting them in different life situations.

Including female models of all ages and ethnicities, with different body shapes and personal styles, the collection has content for most popular topics like family, love, motherhood, business, travel, and more, and it also has a lot of portraits.

The collection is available on Blend Images stock agency. According to size, they cost from $20 and up to $250 per photo.

Explore Shestock women-first photo collection!

BONUS: Wellness Stock Shop

Wellness Stock Shop is a stock photo marketplace run by award-winning photographer Briena Sash, and it features a unique and high end stock photo collection focused in wellness, healthy and natural themes. All images, produced by Briena, include real life professionals, and people from various races, gender, age and backgrounds. It’s a perfect visual resource for brands within the healthy living industry.

Catalog in Wellness Stock Shop include mockups, desks and flat lay designs, lifestyle photos and more, all around the topic of wellness. They’re all Royalty Free and they include preset files for social media use. Collections are divided according to particular industries (nutrition, fitness, beauty, spirituality, etc), and also by style. But all the photos share an aesthetics based in authenticity, natural feel, with lots of white and touches of bright colours. The artistic eye of the photographer adds value to these images, making them not only technically suitable for professional use, but also unique and aesthetically appealing.

This site has three membership options to buy. Pro Pack is the most affordable one, valid for 3 months with 45 downloads. The other two, Blogger and Developer packs, are for 1 year and grant unlimited downloads. The difference between them is in the usage allowed for the photos. While they are all Royalty Free, Pro and Blogger pack enable you to use the images for your own business or purpose. Developer pack lets you use the photos in designs for your clients.

Discover Wellness Stock Shop here!

Be Diverse with Awesome Multicultural Stock Photos

As you can see, there’s a lot of great sources to buy photos that are high quality, commercially worthy and ready to use, representing the ever-current topic of diversity.

Using diverse stock photos you can create inclusive visual concepts that better connect with your target audience and share a message more accurately.

There’s diverse stock photos for every need and for every budget, and with our top 10 list of diverse stock photo agencies, now you can find the ones that suit you!

Which one will you try first?

Why is Shutterstock So Expensive for Single Purchase? Shutterstock Prices Analysed

You read everywhere (here too) that Shutterstock is one of the best stock photo agencies around, with great photos that cost very little money. But when you go there with the intention of buying only a few images paying as you go, the numbers don’t match this description. Here’s where you wonder: why is Shutterstock so expensive?

Well, the truth is Shutterstock has very competitive price points, even for single image purchase. But as this is not the key of their business model, it’s only logical for these not to be their most convenient prices.

Ready to learn more about Shutterstock pricing and maximise your dollars when buying from them? Keep reading!

For more info on this image bank, read our full Shutterstock review. And if you want to save some bucks in your photos, do use our awesome Shutterstock Coupon Code with up to 20% off!

Shutterstock Business Model: It’s All in the Volume

One thing you need to know about Shutterstock to understand their pricing is that their business model is based in volume sales. What they aim is for customers to get lots of images constantly, at very low price per unit, making up for price with the quantity of sales.

This has been their goal from the start, as they are the company which pioneered in 2003 with stock photo subscriptions that work perfectly for that model: they give you lots of image downloads per month, for a very low flat monthly fee. This is still Shutterstock’s star product and the one they enforce and marketise the most, and logically the one offering the lowers per-image rates.

Shutterstock Subscriptions: The Lowest-Price Deal

Shutterstock’s star product was always the high volume subscription: 750 downloads per month at $249 per month, or $199 monthly with annual plan. This works out at just $0,26/$0,33 per image. Insanely low!

Of course this deal only serves those actually needing hundreds of photos all the time. They’d spend a whole lot more buying in traditional stock photo agencies, or even buying on demand in online image banks.

However in our current days Shutterstock has broaden up their offer to include lower volume deals that still work with very low per-image prices:

  • 10 images a month for $49 / or $29 with annual plan
  • 50 images a month for $125 / or $99 with annual plan
  • 350 images a month for $199 / or $169 with annual plan
  • Plus the well-known: 750 images a month for $249 / or $199 with annual plan

So if you need only a few images, but you need them constantly, one of the newer, smaller plans can be a good fit for you, and much less expensive.

Learn all about Shutterstock prices here! 

Shutterstock Single Image Purchase: On Demand Packs Explained

Subscriptions might be their battle horse, but Shutterstock does not neglect his offer for those buyers looking to get images on demand, paying as they go. For them, they have their image packs.

Image packs are prepaid image downloads that you can buy and use whenever you want for one year after purchase date. No periodic fees, no extra charges. Pay now, use whenever (up to one year). There’s two sizes of packs: 5 images for $49 (cost per image is $9,80), or 25 images for $229 (cost per image is $9,16).

Here too they apply their volume deal, and the more images you buy, the less each of them costs. However it’s obvious the rate is much higher than that of subscriptions and the discount over quantity is much less pronounced.

What you need to keep in mind is you’re paying for a number of benefits beside the quality of the photo and the flexibility of the license. With on demand image packs you can:

  • Control exactly how and when to spend money
  • Avoid long-term payment commitments
  • Decide when to use your downloads – very useful if you’re not sure when you’ll need images

Another point to highlight is these prices are still incredibly cheap compared to those of traditional stock photography agencies, Rights Managed licensed photos, and custom photo shoots.

See all Shutterstock Prices and Plans here. 

If you’re looking to buy images by the unit, or having more options for on demand buying, you can check these great alternatives to Shutterstock, or simply read our list of agencies to buy photos on demand!  

But if what you really want is Shutterstock photos, read ahead, we have a little tip for you!

Expert Hack to Buy Few Images in Shutterstock

As we said before, Shutterstock has subscription plans that you can hire both month to month, or annually. And you can cancel them anytime you want.

Since a while, they include low volume plans for 10 or 50 images per month, at only $49 and $125 monthly, respectively.

The hack is kind of evident: if you want to buy just a few photos but don’t want to pay the on demand rates, you can simply hire a low volume subscription for one month, and cancel it whenever you want. This will let you get more images and at a much lower price.

Of course, you need to remember these downloads have an expiration date at the end of the current month of your plan, so you must use them all up before then. If you don’t really know if you’ll use your photos before the end of the month, this little trick may not be so useful to you.

Shutterstock: Not Expensive At All

Now you have a better grasp at how Shutterstock prices work, and specially when you compare their prices to those of their competitors and other alternatives in the market, you can easily see Shutterstock is not as expensive as you might have thought from seeing their image pack prices.

It is in fact one of the best offers in the stock photo market, and one of the main reasons for their success and popularity. If you add that they have over 100 million images to choose from, it only gets better.

Sign up for free at Shutterstock to start downloading great stock photos cheap. And if you really want to maximise your budget, don’t forget to redeem our Shutterstock Coupon Code with up to 20% off in your purchase!