4 Wedding Band Trends You’re Going to Be Seeing This Year

Your engagement ring might be sparkly, but that doesn’t mean your wedding band should be an afterthought. We tapped two jewellery pros for the trends that will make your ring stand out.

When the conversation of impending nuptials comes up, it’s often the engagement ring that gets all of the glory, and it’s very rare that the topic switches to wedding bands though they are, arguably, the more important and symbolic piece of jewellery. Representing the commitment the couple is making together, wedding bands are traditionally exchanged and sort of seal the deal when it comes to “I do”. And while they are often and historically much more understated than engagement rings, there’s no reason that wedding bands can’t make a statement on their own.

We spoke with two wedding jewellery experts to chat wedding band trends for both men and women and how to give your rings—which, it should be noted, you are pledging to wear forever—a personal touch.

1. Bespoke pieces

With “authenticity” being a buzzword in today’s social media-focused society, it’s no surprise that more and more grooms are opting for custom engagement rings to betroth their future fiancées. Geoff Black, the founder of Carnabys Bespoke Jewellery, says, “Jewellery has always been really personal, and we’ve found that people really want to feel like they’ve created something unique for their partner.” Tamara Kronis, the founder of Studio1098, further explains that many couples are opting to integrate personal touches to their customized pieces. “One of my favourite personalized rings was for someone who drives a motorcycle and his wedding band was inspired by the spoke pattern of the motorcycle wheel.”

2. Going for gold

When thinking about wedding bands and their relation to marriage, the hope is that both will last a lifetime. In recent years, people have been looking to alternative metals, such as tungsten and titanium for durability, particularly for men’s wedding bands. But, as Kronis points out, these metals cannot be resized, which can be a deterrent for some.

As people are becoming more thoughtful about their designs, it’s trickling into the metal used as well, both for longevity and for appearance. Black says, “A few years ago, all we saw was white gold, but now we’re seeing a return to a more traditional yellow gold wedding band,” for both women and men. While rose gold has become a bit of a mainstay for women, particularly with engagement rings, Kronis is seeing that is becoming a trend with men’s wedding bands as well. While matching wedding bands between the couple isn’t as common, according to Kronis, it is one of the contributing factors to men wearing rose gold, particularly if the woman has a rose gold engagement ring. On the other hand, Black thinks the spike in men opting for rose gold has to do with the resurgence of vintage-inspired bands. Rose gold is flattering on all skin tones, and despite its flashy name, can actually be quite understated—which makes for a desirable quality for someone who perhaps isn’t used to wearing jewellery.


Michael Hill Yellow Gold Wedding Band, $819, michaelhill.ca.

3. Finishing touches

Couples are looking to different finishes to provide a more modern approach to a classic band. Kronis gives an example of pulling inspiration from other textures, such as wood, and integrating them into the gold bands, adding a personal touch to a piece that will stand the test of time. Black describes what is called a “glass finish” where the ring effectively has a matte or brushed appearance and less of the traditional high-shine finish. 


The Wooden Circle Rose Gold Ring, starting at $194, etsy.ca.

4. Mix and match

Many women opt to match their wedding bands to their engagement rings, but Kronis explains that there is also a higher emphasis being put on the design of the wedding bands themselves as standalone pieces. “The idea that you’re going to wear your engagement ring is not as prominent and, as a result, wedding bands are no longer just an afterthought, but are something that is being designed in a way to also be worn on its own,” she says. For same-sex couples, Kronis explains that it is also much easier to do something personal to the couple while also matching design, by way of interlocking wedding bands. The bottom line? Don’t feel beholden to what your engagement ring looks like, or what type of band your partner wants, if you’ve got your heart set on something different for your own band. Not everything needs to match, it can be complementary instead.


Band Ring, $2950, tiffany.ca.


The DNA Ring, $549, carnabys.ca.


Ring and Grove Antler Ring, $383, etsy.ca.

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